Bejeweled Jackpot Slots game

Many online game players might have played the Bejeweled game over the years. However, what IGT has done, is transformed this popular game into a slot. This has been done in a successful manner that now allows players to win real money jackpot prizes while playing this Bejeweled slot. What IGT have been able to do is create a 5 reel slot game that offers players 10 pay lines. This means that depending on how you wager, there can be quite a number of ways to win off just a single spin.

There are a number of added features in this game that add a great deal of interest to the overall experience, and these will certainly appeal to many modern online slot players. The first of these bonus features is the Super Jackpot, which allows players to have the chance of winning up to 20,000x their line bet.

The idea behind the Super Jackpot is that you need to try and get as many of the game Wild symbols to land on the reels as possible. The wild symbol by itself is able to replace or substitute many of the other game symbols. This will of course begin to start creating a range of new winning combinations. However, if you are able to land 5 of the wild symbols on the 10th game pay line, then you can win the Super Jackpot. As mentioned, this equates to 20,000x your original line bet. Because of this, it can be worth considering placing a bigger bet, as this will obviously result in a higher payout.

Bejeweled Bonus Features

The second of the Bejeweled slot bonus features that is worth mentioning is the Five Wilds feature. By landing 5 of the game wild symbols on the other pay lines, or on pay lines 1 to 9, you can win a jackpot prize that is 10,000x the value of your original line wager. For full details on how this works at, you can refer to the pay table that comes along with the game, or otherwise refer to the online casino where you are playing the Bejeweled slot.

Trying Out Bejeweled Slots

If you are a complete newcomer to the online slot industry, you can try out this slot in no deposit mode. This is a good way of trying out the game for the first time, without the risk of losing any of your own money. Some players actually just enjoy playing the free version of the game, as they would rather play merely for the fun of it, even though they do not have the chance of winning any real money jackpot prizes.

In the Bejeweled online slot from IGT, there are no free spins that are up for grabs. Of course some players might look for this, but free spins are not available in this particular slot. Similar to the original Bejeweled game, when a player presses the spin button on the game interface, the jewel symbols will begin to fall down from the top of the screen. As soon as winning combinations of jewels are created, the player can then start claiming some of the prizes.