Coffee Time Slots Game

Coffee Time is a slots game developed by Viaden. This  slots game offers three reels and five pay lines, and it focuses on coffee, as well as other food and drink options related to classy get-togethers, all appearing on a stylish pink background and a cityscape on the game’s screen.

Coffee Time Symbols and Payouts

Even though Coffee Time primarily focuses on coffee, the mug of black coffee is not the only symbol. Other symbols related to food and drink events and functions include chocolate bars, red hearts, presents, a group of friends, and brightly-coloured cocktails.

Varying symbols will offer different payouts. When players land three chocolate bars, they will be awarded with five coins. If they land three mugs of black coffee, they will be awarded with forty coins. Landing three red hearts or cocktails will also pay out forty coins. If players land three presents, this will reward them with a payout of sixty coins. The highest payouts occur when players land the friends symbols. If they land three friends on any pay line, they will be rewarded with two hundred coins, and if they land three best friends symbols, they will be rewarded with seven hundred and fifty coins.

Winning combinations are created by matching symbols from left to right on consecutive reels on any active pay lines. If winning combinations are formed along several pay lines, the payouts thereof will be added together and the total winning amount displayed in the ‘Win’ field on the game’s screen.

Winning combinations will be set according to the game’s pay table, which is shown to the left of the reels. The payouts listed in the pay table will be multiplied by the value of the bet per pay line.

Additional Prizes and Bonuses

Coffee Time does not offer any traditional wild symbols or bonus features. However, players may be able to double their prizes and winning combination payouts if a special symbol appears on the reels.

Also, if players land nine of the same symbol, that is, the symbol of the brunette woman, they can expect a good payout. The top payout in this situation is seven thousand five hundred coins.  A two time multiplier will also be applied to any wins in this situation, including any wins that are made up of nine of the same symbols that are not the brunette woman.

Coffee Time Game Basics

Coffee Time players can only bet a maximum of five coins for the five pay lines, and they begin the game by selecting their coin denomination, number of coins per pay line, and number of lines they wish to play. Players choose these figures by using the up and down buttons next to the ‘Line Value’ and ‘Lines’ fields on the game’s screen.

Once players have set these figures or have chosen to go with the ‘Bet Max’ option, they can go ahead to play the game, either manually or by enabling the auto play feature. The auto play mode can be used to spin the reels up to two thousand times, and it also enables players to choose various other options, such as the speed of the spins and when the auto spin should be paused or stopped.