Goooal Online Slots Reviewed

Soccer is a game of skill – played by many, loved by millions.  Being a team sport, soccer not only draws its players together, but also the multitude of fans who follow their teams closely.  It is arguably the best-loved sport the world over.  It is therefore to be expected that an online slot based on a soccer theme was more than likely to follow.

Goooal is an online video slot developed by IGT, featuring the game of soccer as is central theme.  Goooal is not a typical online slot – the rules are slightly different, making it a tad more complex.  It’s not too difficult to get the hang of it though, and the fact that it can be played for free or for real money really helps.

It would be a tall order, by any standards, to convey the rules and feel of a team sport into symbols spinning on reels.  IGT has scored the proverbial winning Goooal.  Right at the start, the player is given the choice between two teams – the red team and the blue team.  The aim is to be on the team scoring the most points, and this translates to big payouts later on in the game.  Teams may be changed up until the first 3 goals scored.  This creates a sense of involvement and interaction, as is the case with team sport.

Goooal is played on a combination of 5 reels and 3 paylines, and features a Special Mini-Feature Bonus Game.


The symbols are represented by a number of players from the red team and a number of players from the blue team.  Each player symbol has a number pinned to it, ranging from 1 through to 4.  This is because Goooal works on a bonus point system.  Each time the Goooal! Symbol lands on reel number 5, the value of the team player symbol immediately to the left of it is added to a total scoreboard.  As soon as fifty points have been accumulated, the Mini-Feature Bonus Game is activated.

Goooal Mini-Feature Bonus Game

During the Mini-Feature Bonus Game, a number of goalposts will appear on the screen, coupled with a soccer ball for each goalpost.  The player must now choose which ball to aim at a goalpost.  The ball will either hit or miss the goalpost.  Hit or miss is by pure chance, not skill.  An interesting twist, is the fact that every other try at the goalpost will count in favour, or be to the detriment, of the opposite team.

The Mini-Feature ends as soon as the Match Over whistle symbol appears.  The final payout is considerably larger if your chosen team sports the higher score between the two teams.

Goooal – Play For Free Or For Real Money

Players feeling intimidated by the unorthodox way in which the online casinoslots functions, may rest assured in the fact that it can be played in practise mode, for free.

Pre-play download is not required when playing for free.