Guide and Tips for Online Darts Betting

When people think of the game of darts, most generally the images of smoky pubs, poolrooms or basement games are brought to mind. In actuality, however, this sport is becoming very popular, and bettors are now able to lay their wagers on games taking place around the world directly from their personal computers; tablet devices; smartphones or laptops, without having to leave the house.

The Different Types of Bets

There are three options when it comes to online darts betting, namely match bets; outright bets and set wagers.

The outright bet is probably the most customary one, being very popular with punters. All of the players available for online darts betting at the sportsbook punters are making use of to make wagers will have odds alongside their names, and the outright bet is the one by which bettors guess which player will win the match overall, or outright. Phil Taylor, for example, may sport a 4/1 symbol alongside his name, and this means that for every one dollar, or currency equivalent, bet on Mr Taylor to win, the punter will receive three back. The best players will usually have the lowest odds, as they are seen as more likely to win, with the underdogs having bigger ones.

Match bets are those made on whether or not a player will go on to win a particular match within the game, and a set bet on who will come first in a set of darts rather than a match or the entire game.

Major Betting Events for Darts

When it comes to online darts betting, there are many tournaments held in Europe and around the world each year that attract enormous amounts of punters.

UK Open Darts is a competition that is held in the United Kingdom and features more than 128 players. It is set up by the Professional Darts Corporation of the United Kingdom, or PDC-UK, and is held at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton, in Manchester, England.

The Professional Darts Corporation has been holding the so-called PDC World Championship since 1994.

The Las Vegas Desert Classic is one of the top competitions held in the United States of America. It is also organised by the Professional Darts Corporation, and pays out more than $126 000 in cash prizes each year.

The Darts Premier League was founded in 2005 by the Professional Darts Corporation, and features the top eight rated players in the world. It is held in the United Kingdom.

The British Darts Organisation or BDO is a championship contest that is not only one of the oldest tournaments in the world, but the most prestigious as well. It has been going since 1978, and is particularly popular in terms of online darts betting.

The PDC also hosts what is known as World Match Play, wherein players have to triumph by two legs in order to win first place. It has taken place in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, since 1994 and is a favourite for punters who enjoy online darts betting since the matches are drawn out events, allowing for very interesting wagers to be made.