Astro Magic Slot from iSoftware Games in Detail

Astro Magic Online Slot Details

Lots and lots of slots to choose from and so little time to do it, fortunately there’s iSoftware Games and some of their more wondrous slots to pick from. One such game is this Astro Magic slot, a combination of spirituality and astrology to form something rather unique. With such a fanciful theme to its name, this slot and the developers behind it pretty much had free range over the outcome on the reels, and exploit this they did. Through the spiritual sound effects, the whimsical background imagery and of course the symbols on the reels, the theme of this astrology slot definitely pops out of the screen.

The 5 reels and 9 pay lines may not seem like much to work with, but through the coin denomination selection and the different paying symbols to play with, players can still score a few good wins and wager around a decent range. The Bonus features cosmically tied to this slot are also quite enticing, with a Wild symbol and a couple of bonus pick games where free spins, multipliers and even an impressive 5 000 coin jackpot.

The View from Astro Magic Slot’s Cosmos

So the spiritual meets astrological is definitely an inspired theme choice and through iSoftware Games this theme was able to erect itself into this Astro Magic slot. The sound effects, the backdrop and the symbols all contribute towards this theme, and the result is not too shabby indeed. Regarding the symbols, which when it comes to cementing a solid theme is one of the more crucial aspects to get right, this slot includes the classic playing card symbols, this time as some of the highest paying symbols. The more thematically attuned symbols are the different star signs of the Zodiac, and each creates some rather illustrious patterns on the reels. Overall the theme of this best online SG gambling slot seems to make and create a rather delightful atmosphere for spinning.

Astro Magic Casino Slot

Cosmic Bonus Features in Astro Magic Slot

Like in Mac slots Canada, there are obviously a good couple of bonuses that a slot as theatrical as Astro Magic slot can incorporate into its theme and onto its reels. The first of these is the almost always present Wild symbol which like most instances of such a symbol it can substitute for other symbols in the game to form winning combinations. Additionally to this is the jackpot that this symbol can award, with 5 Wilds across a pay line players win 10 000 coins. Quite a tidy haul for a single symbol.

Other symbols in this slot award to different bonus games. The first of these is the Scatter bonus that can award a selection of either free spins, multipliers or coin bonuses. This is a selectable choice so players can decide which of these they would prefer at the time of winning. The next bonus symbol triggers the prize wheel bonus, where players can spin this wheel for different possible prizes. The chief off this list is the 5 000 coin jackpot available at the zenith of this prize wheel. This bonus selection makes Astro Magic slot more than just some reels and a theme and turns it into something potentially quite lucrative.