Video Pokies Explained in Depth

Pokies are Australia’s nickname for slots and these games are practically a national pastime, with about 20% of the world’s pokies machines found Down Under.

Playing online pokies is much more lucrative than playing in a land based casino as the odds are far better online.  The jackpots are large and the payout ratio is generally far higher. Video pokies are an adaptation on the classic fruit machines and boast amazing additional features, bonuses, animations, cut scenes and so much more.

Part of video pokies attraction is that they are easy to play and the rules are simple to follow.  Even first time players will find it simple and after a few spins you should feel comfortable with betting big!

Win Big with Video Pokies

Depending on which game you play, video pokies range from four or more reels and each have different symbols with 10 to 100 paylines.  Some pokies can have up to 243 different methods of winning as opposed to the standard structure.

Video pokies offer bonus rounds as well as the usual matching of symbols and these bonus rounds are much more exciting than the usual 3 reel.  As you become more advanced many of the games will offer bonus rounds that require some skill in order to win prizes.   Video pokies can offer you a wide variety of scatter and wild symbols and expanding wilds as well as multipliers and even bonus symbols.   There is also the chance of winning extra prizes during free spins which sometimes mean that more free spins are possible.

These bonus rounds will usually take you to another screen depending which online casino you are using to play video pokies.  Basically the bonus rounds consist of revealing objects and winning cash prizes or free multipliers and spins.  A multiplier is great as it means that your bet is doubled or tripled and on some online casinos these multipliers can go as high as 500 times your wager.

The great thing about playing video pokies online is the many diverse themes and varieties that are offered.  There are so many options to choose from.  Some video pokies are based on popular television shows or blockbuster movies and software developers like Playtech have based their games on the very popular Marvel comics.  With the endless list of different video pokies to play you will always find a game that will interest you and keep you entertained.

The games have excellent graphics and sound which all add to the overall gaming experience, along with great animations and introductions which increase the fun of playing video pokies.

Top Quality Video Pokies Online

When choosing an online casino to play your favourite video pokies it is important that you select a site that features top quality games in a safe and secure environment. It is good to be aware that not all casinos offer the same games or software provided by the same developer. In order to not be disappointed, you should do some homework by looking at reviews and making sure that the casinos you prefer are properly licensed and offer a good customer service should any problems arise.

Video pokies offer you hours of fun and entertainment and every spin of the reels could result in a jackpot payout when playing online!