Betting on the Winter Youth Olympics

The Olympic Games have been happening every four years for over a hundred years. There are both winter and summer games, but both of these require athletes to be over 18 years old to compete. In 1998 a man named Joseph Rozenzopf from Austria introduced the idea of a totally separate Olympic Games, both winter and summer, for youths between the ages of 14 and 18. The first Winter Youth Olympics was help in 2012.

Betting On The Winter Youth Olympics

The Winter Youth Olympics comprises of many different games, and hundreds of different athletes. Some of the sports being played are individual such as Ski Jump, and some are team sports such as hockey. Betting on the Winter Youth Olympics can be on a very wide range of things, from the outcome of events such as who will win the gold, to which country will win the most gold medals, to who will score a goal first during a match.

Olympic Betting Bonuses

Many bookies will offer certain bonuses and promotions which will run before and during the Winter Youth Olympics. To make the most of these you will most likely have to sign up with a specific bookie or site. Many of these will be on condition that you sign up with them before the games begin, so that you place all of your bets throughout the Winter Youth Olympics with that specific bookie or site. Bonuses that are offered may even include free money, such as in a welcome bonus. Here the bookie or site offers to match you initial deposit or even simply give you an amount of free money for signing up. Be sure to check out all of the available offers to find the best one for you.

Strangest Winter Youth Olympics Bets

The Winter Youth Olympics is a huge tournament, with many different things to place bets on. There of course all the regular bets, such as who will win gold for what event, and which country will win the most medals.

There are a number of slightly left field bets which some bookies offer too. Most of these are just for fun, but some can actually win you quite a decent amount of cash if you manage to get them right much like betting on your favourite team with NRL premiership betting. One such bet is whether the Olympic torch will go out, and if so when. These are called prop bets, and vary from bookie to bookie. Have a look at as many as you can to find some fun things to bet on for the Winter Youth Olympics. You never know, maybe the bobsled will land upside down.

Nevada Olympic Ruling

Up until recently it was illegal in America to place a bet on any amateur sports event. This of course included the Olympics and the Winter Youth Olympics since none of the participants are professional. In 2016 Nevada very quietly passed a law which excluded the Olympics in all forms from this law. This means that punters from America and other countries can now place bets on the Winter Youth Olympics via Nevada based bookies.

This can be done in two ways. If you wish to be old school you can physically go down to the nearest bookie and place a bet. Alternatively you can use one of the many internet betting sites which are available to Americans and people from around the world.