Betting On Womens Events in Australia

The sports betting industry is one of the most rapidly growing markets in Australia today. With the eviction of the once rigorous taboo around gambling in general, the availability and vast array of approaches to betting practises has changed immensely, and its popularity is predicted to continue to increase, not least within the equally emerging culture of wagering on sports populated by women.

A Chunk of Choices

Australians have a good many choices in how, when and where you can place your wager on your preferred sporting match.  For example, some of the more exciting type of sports betting happens “in play”, particularly in games such as Tennis and Football, where last minute bets are staked during the actual match.  This can give players a better sense of control over their choices even though there is still the thrill of the risk determined by last minute or unexpected plays.

The traditional method of placing your bet with a bookmaker and hunkering down for a nail biting game to see if you are a winner is starting to take a back seat with the advent of online betting. With internet connections in Australia and other parts of the world becoming faster, safer and more reliable, we see an increasing number of attractive, online betting sites emerge,  thus allowing people to bet on their favourite sports  with the greatest of ease from their own home or even on the move by means of their mobiles.

Why Wager on Women?

Although betting on men’s sports is typical and more mainstream, many people are turning to wagering on women’s sports too. In fact, betting on sports games played by women is now steadily on the rise due to the fact that there is a lot of untapped potential in this particular money making market.

There is a theory that as opposed to men’s, women’s sports are comparatively easy to predict. According to the advocates of this theory, there are a lot of women such as tennis star, Serena Williams, for example, who have virtual monopolies on their particular sporting titles. There is also the opinion that strong, popular female national teams such as those of Germany and the USA usually dominate players in the international female soccer scene. This knowledge generally directs one to a sure-fire winner meaning you have a solid potential to win.

Sex Sells

Another reason that gamblers are taking note of women’s sports is that female athletes are, very generally, slim and attractive. Call it sexist or not, in our glossy-magazine-loving world, beautiful, fit women are always a good seller.  Figure hugging sports outfits complete the ideal posed by these athletes and naturally attract a good deal of attention. This desire to watch and wager sports populated by women is not unlike the popularity of sexy slot games at where the characters are deliberately sultry and sexy in order to attract customers much like you’d find a lot of money on AFL bets.

Much like in the case of male centred sports, the growing popularity of wagering on women is due to the many options of sports being played by women, and you can bet on them all. Not only are there options in types of sports but also on age, weight, height and talent categories within those sports. So if you are a keen sports bettor take a gamble into this brave new world and win.