Wonderful Opportunities for Tennis Betting Online

Tournament winner odds and other types of outright tennis bets are particularly popular with punters who enjoy betting on this sport, and these are widely available at the many bookmakers which make provision for these kinds of wagers.

Outright Tournament Tennis Betting Options Online

As far as outright tennis tournament betting is concerned, punters who are looking to back a particular player to win, especially if that player is also the favourite, should make a point of doing so as early as they possibly can. The odds will start decreasing as the time for the game draws near, and the field starts to dissipate right alongside these. Even when players are almost guaranteed to triumph, it is possible for punters to get hold of reasonable odds if they get in on the game long enough before it begins.

What makes tennis betting sites such fun to visit is that players who were previously not very valuable in terms of wagering may well suddenly hit a hot streak, and flip the situation on its head. Should this occur it is recommended that punters get in on the action as quickly as they are able and take advantage of the odds as best they can.

Outright tennis bets do not begin and end with odds for tournament winners, either, and punters can look forward to enjoying markets like the Quarter Winner bet, which asks punters to predict which player will reach the semi-final stages of the tournament, and the To Reach Final bet, which has punters wagering on which players will make it through to the tournament final.

Other Popular Tennis Bet Types Available Online

Above and beyond the popular tournament tennis bet types, there are a number of related wagering markets available for the game, particularly for other major events, like the Grand Slams. These include:

  • The Winning Margin

This bet is based on the number of games won throughout a match, and can either be a range of figures or an exact one

  • Individual Player Totals

This wager concerns the number of either games or sets of games won by a player during the course of a match

  • Will There Be a Tie Break

This bet asks punters to predict whether or not a specific set, or the entire match, will see at least one tie break occur

  • Correct Score After a Given Number of Games

Punters are asked to guess the set score that will be in place after a predetermined number of games has been played

  • To Not Win a Set

A wager which guesses whether or not a player will not manage to win a single one of his or her sets

Tennis is a game which provides a wonderful array of variables, and a larger choice of markets than almost any other sport. Punters who wish to maximise profit and limit risk need to construct a betting strategy that combines research; gut-feel; scientific theory; and, of course, self-discipline.