Great Casino Poker Pursuit Games on Your iPad

iPad casino poker pursuit is a type of video poker, but one that has three parts to it. You will have to make a decision on betting after each round, based on which cards you are able to see. The oversized screen the iPad sports is an excellent addition to the fun of this game, and you will quickly be drawn into it, no matter where you happen to be picking it up to play.

The fact is that you no longer have to limit yourself to playing the casino games you love purely on your laptop or desktop computers, as mobile technology is allowing for greater access from an ever widening array of devices. Creating a mobile casino account is as easy as opening an online one is, and you will not need to create a separate profile if your online casino offers you iPad casino poker pursuit support. The technology these sites have in place will quickly be able to tell which device you are making use of to play.

How to Play Casino Poker Pursuit

The ultimate aim of iPad casino poker pursuit is to win, and you will do so by managing to acquire one of the ranked poker hands that are displayed on the paytable for the game.  How much you win is determined by this paytable and the amount you bet, something you will have the opportunity to do at three separate stages of the game.

Three cards are dealt in the initial round of iPad casino poker pursuit, a fourth is revealed in the second, and the third will deliver a fifth to you. As the game draws to a close you will have five cards in your hand, as is the general rule of poker which differ from the starting two card hands in online blackjack in Canada.

At each of these stages you will be asked to call or raise your bet in order to remain in the game and receive the next card in the sequence.

How Poker Pursuit Game Play Unfolds

The dealer will hand out the first three cards, and then await your first betting instruction. Should you remain in the game, you will be dealt a further card, and, after your decision on whether to call or raise again is made, a final card will be handed to you.

A royal flush is the best card combination possible, followed by a straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs and finally tens or better.  The ranking will not be difficult for players with any level of experience in poker to bear in mind, and, should you be new to this great game, they are very easily memorised after a couple of games are played.

You will not have to start playing iPad casino poker pursuit until you are sure you understand the rules, and can carry on competing in free or demo versions for as long as you like. Once you feel you have your strategy and the rules nailed down you will be able to join in on regular games, and can start having fun with iPad casino poker pursuit whenever you like.